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ACI Learning Centers are leaders in the ABA field by providing quality services for children with autism, family members and other professionals. ACI offers highly-trained therapists who provide one-to-one sessions, extensive availability of required materials, increased opportunities for social interactions with same-age peers, weekly parent observations, monthly parent trainings, consultations for challenging behaviors occurring at home, and a licensed psychologist on staff for diagnostics and extensive parent trainings.

We incorporate behavior reduction interventions into our children’s programs when necessary and use only proven, research-based interventions. Our programming is unique in the treatment we provide because we provide individualized 1:1 treatment for each child. ACI also provides parent training for each child’s individual programming as well as the principles of behavior. We work to increase the parents’ knowledge of ABA in order to help them implement programs in the home for maximum benefit.

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Daily Living and Behavioral Supports
Early Intervention and Early Childhood Education
Autism Treatment, Applied Behavior Analysis, ABA, Verbal Behavior, social Skills, 1:1 Therapy, Behavior Reduction

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We work with individuals from infancy through young adulthood.

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No discounts available
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Credit Card
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We have been successful in receiving coverage for ABA. Each provider and policy differs. There are currently 19 states with an insurance mandate. Our human resource department can assist parents through this complicated fact-finding process.
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For Profit