Avenue Housing Recovery Services

2505 Washington Avenue, Suite 400
Houston, TX 77007
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The objective of the Repair Services of Avenue’s Housing Recovery Program is to provide the primary residents with a safe, water tight and healthy home that can provide for the daily needs of life (eating, bathing, and sleeping) and will shorten the timeline for their return home from temporary housing. The Repair Services are limited to houses affected by Hurricane Harvey (water or wind damage). The Limited Scope of Repair Services that follows outlines the limitations of the repair work that Avenue will complete. Additional work to the home will likely be required after Avenue completes the Limited Scope of Repair. Additionally, it is recognized that every home and every resident’s experiences are unique. Hence, flexibility in individual cases may be required and may be constrained by resources.

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Provides Disaster Recovery Support

Hurricane Harvey

Harvey Resources and Services

See information above in Service Description.
Housing, Financial Assistance

Eligibility Requirements

Grant funds for home repair are made available to eligible applications on a first come, first served basis. Applicants must meet basic eligibility requirements outlined below: BASIC ELIGIBILITY •Affected by Hurricane Harvey (water or wind damage) •Have rights to long-term residence of damaged property •Home has not flooded three (3) or more times •Residence is in one of the following zip codes: 77009, 77016, 77022, 77026, 77028, 77037, 77040, 77076, 77088 and 77093 •Member of a particularly vulnerable population ◦Member of household is a child under the age of 14 or a pregnant woman. ◦Member of household is elderly (62 years of age as of date of Intake). Member of the household is under 14 or over 62 years of age and disabled. ◦Member of household has a disability ◦Ineligible for FEMA INCOME ELIGIBILITY •Household Income at or below 100% Area Median Income (see chart below) [found on the website.]
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