Mental Health and Mental Retardation (MHMR) Authority Of Harris County

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7011 Southwest Freeway
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Appointments, 24-hour Emergencies...713-970-7070; Business, Administrative Services...713-970-7000

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Adult Mental Health Services: Medication Related Services, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Medication Training and Support, Employment Related Skills Services, Housing Related Skills Services, Coordination of Services, Other Independent Living Skills Services. MHMRA also provides services under the county jail system and Texas Correctional Office for Offenders with Mental Impairments with the following programs: Forensic (Jail Services), Pre-Trial, The Newstart Program Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services: Assessment: Determines what your child needs.
Medication: Provided by a psychiatrist based upon the child's diagnosis and health issues.
Case Management: Individual help to guide children and families through MHMRA and other community programs.
Skills Training: Teaching children and families how to cope with the child's behavior and learn new ways tackle problems.
Counseling: Individual or Family Therapy to discuss serious emotional issues and ways to overcome them.
Medication Training: Teaching children and families the best way to use medications and side effects to look for.
Parent Partner: Parents with children with mental health and behavioral issues reaching out to MHMRA's families to provide support and advocacy.
School-Based Program: Providing services at a child's school, especially to help with classroom performance and behavior. General Services - State Agencies (including services for individuals with Autism)
For Adult Mental Health Services:

An individual must be:

a county resident, at least 17 years old and diagnosed with schizophrenia, severe major depression, bipolar or schizoaffective disorders
in compliance with MHMRA financial criteria
For Children and Adolescents:

MHMRA serves children and adolescents who:

Have a serious functional impairment, or
Are enrolled in Special Education at school for serious emotional difficulties, or
Are at-risk of losing their living situation of choice due to psychiatric issues
THE CHILD MUST . . . Be a Harris County Resident: A child must live in Harris County with their parent or legal guardian.

Be Ages 3 through 17: A child must be at least 3 years old and no older than 17. Students who are 18 years of age may seek help through MHMRA Adult Mental Health Services or other local services.

Meet MHMRA Financial Criteria: The Child must have Medicaid or CHIP. OR The Child must have insurance that will cover MHMRA's services. OR The family must be able to pay for the child's services. OR The family qualifies for the reduced cost due to their financial situation.

THE CHILD MUST HAVE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING . . . Have a Serious Functional Impairment: A child must have a significant mental health or behavior disorder that effects him or her on a daily basis.

Be enrolled in Special Education at school for serious emotional difficulties: A child must be in Special Education at school for SED Serious Emotional Disturbance. This usually requires testing.
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Health and Medical Services
Autism research and information from the Texas Council on Autism website
Last updated on 06 October 2008